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Geggy Tah - Sacred Cow (Click here to listen on Spotify)

Sometimes having a (semi) hit single can shift focus away from the album that song comes from. Released on Luaka Bop in 1996, Geggy Tah’s “Sacred Cow” featured the song & video for “Whoever You Are” (aka “You let me change lanes, while I was riving in my car”), a funky tribute to the rarely-seen courteous driver. But whether you found that song danceable or irritating (It received a second gust of life in a car commercial years later), the album that contained it slipped under the radar of a lot of people. The second release by Geggy Tah ( singer/writer Tommy Jordan and keyboard/guitarist Greg Kurtsin…later of Action Figure Party, and currently in The Bird and The Bee) was a better produced record improving on their lo-fi funky debut “Grand Opening”. Besides the single, the album was a fun, lighthearted mix of song styles, silly lyrics, with some excellent musicianship (drummer Daren Hahn joined the line-up for the record). From Funky (“Whoever You Are”) to pop-punkish (“Lotta Stuff”), from quirky love songs to pets (“Gina”) to pushing out towards prog-rock (“Sacred Cow”, “Century Plant 2000”) to mixing up all of the above (“Las Vegas With The Lights Out”). Sacred Cow is a unique record that is definitely worth giving a few follow-up spins.

by Jeff Smith